Decentralized and Distributed Network Sharing

A new platform based on blockchain for the next billions!

Pre-Sale has started, it will end in:

2018/02/10 23:59:59
1,362,311 SMAG already sold

Current Bonus 30%

Sold SMAGs 14%

What is the Project?

Decentralized & Distributed Network Sharing is a platform based on Blockchain which hosts different sharing projects and application to stand with privacy and fight with censorship!

  • P2P VPN Application

    The P2P VPN project is a decentralized global application which allows people to share their unused internet connection and earn money for that. We respect privacy and security on this project, therefore the application has a built-in firewall to control outgoing traffic.

  • P2P CDN Application

    The P2P CDN Application, Content Delivery Network, is another great project we are building in the future which allows you to share your unused storage and network capacity on your home computer or even on your servers, to make a profit and stop losing money by paying for unused resources.

  • P2P VOIP Application

    The P2P VOIP Application, Voice Over IP, is another great project we are going to build, which allows customers around the world to share they telecommunications resources which are unused and earn money for sharing them. In this way, you will reduce your telecommunications fees.

  • P2P Database Application

    The P2P Database Application is one of our desired decentralized platforms which we are building on blockchain technology, which allows building a more decentralized world for database delivery. This allows customers to use the blockchain as a cloud service for their database resources.

Check out the video to learn more about Blockchain Technology

Centralized vs Decentralized?

Centralized Network

  • Single point of failure
  • Easy to censor by government and block by content owner
  • No privacy – Keeping all data in a single server
  • Not global, only available in some countries
  • Making profit only for the owner of network

Decentralized Network

  • High availability
  • Not possible to be censored by governments
  • Respected privacy – Keeping encrypted data on different nodes
  • Availability in different countries, cities, and regions
  • Making profit for all users in the network

How do we protect Customer’s  Privacy on the Network?

Encryption makes it easy!

Using encryption algorithms like Asymmetric encryption to protect user privacy and data security. 

Firewall makes it secure!

Using customizable firewall option and rules for the users who are providing the nodes into the system to protect their own privacy and  security against hackers and abusive clients

What is a SMAG Token?

The SMAG Token is the utility token which will be used for accessing the Platform and its applications and to be used as the payment method in our global decentralized network for all clients.

You as a community member who wants to earn money, have to set your costs and fees as SMAG Tokens and you will receive these tokens if someone used the network over your node.

You as a community member who wants to use the network and its application, have to pay the network with SMAG Tokens.

Initial Coin Offering & Token Sale

  • Token Name

    The name of our Utility Token is SMAG which is the shortcut of

  • Start Date

    Pre-Sale start date is on 01.02.2018 at 00:00 UTC

    Main-Sale ICO start date is on 15.02.2018 at 00:00 UTC

  • Platform

    We use Ethereum as our Token-Platform, that provides really handy and stable Smart Contracts, which is important for our ICO and the guarantee for Investors.

  • Token Standard

    Our Token is based on ERC20 Token Standard in the Ethereum-Blockchain, which allows you to add and track this token in any external Wallets.

  • Token Price

    The Token Price during Pre-Sale is set to be 0.00002 ETH or $0.02 with 4 level discounts.

  • Maximum Supply

    The maximum number of SMAGs, which will be generated ever is only 100M Tokens. Only 10% of this maximum supply will be sold during Pre-Sale, and if this is reached, the Pre-Sale will be stopped, and we will wait for our Main-Sale.

  • Soft Cap

    We expect to raise a minimum of $500.000 USD to be able to launch the projects and be able to make the future easier for sharing network and resources. If the soft cap is not reached, all investments will be returned to participants automatically by the Smart Contract

  • Hard Cap

    The hard cap of this Token Sale is set to be $30.000.000 USD, all unsold tokens will be burned and there is no ability to generate new tokens after ICO is finished. To get SMAG Tokens for earning and paying the community, you only have to trade these Tokens in the market.

Token Distribution

  • ICO - Main Sale
  • Pre-Sale
  • Reserved
  • Bounty

Fund Distribution

  • Marketing
  • Service Developments
  • Hardware & Assest
  • Legal Expenses
  • Administrative Expenses
  • Sales & Partnershios

Token pricing & Minimum investments

Pre-Sale Stage

The Pre-Sale begins on 01.02.2018 and ends on 10.02.2018 end of the day.

The Token price is 0.00002 ETH equals $0.02 during the pre-sale. With 4 Level of Bonuses.

There is a minimum Investment of 0.10 ETH and a Maximum Investment of 10 ETH for every participant who wants to join our community during Pre-Sale.


Pre-Sale Day 0 - 1
Pre-Sale Day 2 - 3
Pre-Sale Day 4 - 6
Pre-Sale Day 7 - 10
+ 100% Bonus => 1 ETH = 50,000 SMAG Token + 50,000 SMAG Token
+ 70% Bonus => 1 ETH = 50,000 SMAG Token + 35,000 SMAG Token
+ 30% Bonus => 1 ETH = 50,000 SMAG Token + 15,000 SMAG Token
+ 0% Bonus => 1 ETH = 50,000 SMAG Token

ICO – Main-Sale Stage

Main-Sale Day 1 - 10
Main-Sale Day 11 - 20
Main-Sale Day 21 - 30
Main-Sale Day 31 - 60
1 SMAG Token = $0.10
1 SMAG Token = $0.30
1 SMAG Token = $0.60
1 SMAG Token = $1.00

The ICO Main-Sale begins on 15.02.2018 and ends on 15.04.2018 end of the day.

The Token price is from $0.10 up to $1.00 during the pre-sale.

There is a minimum Investment of 0.10 ETH for every participant who wants to join our community during ICO Main-Sale.

Advantages for early Investors

Early Access

As an investor of our ICO, you have the ability to access the beta version of applications and test them before they are released.


By using our sharing application, users have to pay fees ( SMAG Tokens ) to the node provider in the network, and there is always some transaction fees. You, as an Investor will be shared with these commissions in the future.

No usage fee

As you are investing in our products and supporting us to be able making a better community for the future, your account will be granted to unlimited usage of our products for zero fees.

Trade your Token

We are planning to list our Token in external exchanges after ICO, so you are able to trade the Tokens in the market and make a huge profit.

What is a Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.

Ethereum is based on blockchain and makes it easy to use the smart contracts on its network for initial coin offering. Your investments are safe and secure in our ICO Smart Contract, if the project is not funded you will receive an automatic refund by the Smart Contract. Let’s watch the following video to have a better idea about smart contracts!

Roadmap – The future of


Q1 - Q2 2017

Assemble the team to develop the initial idea and Research on the global market and Blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Q3 2017

Talent recruitment for the key positions. Integrate the Decentralized Global Sharing solutions into real business networks to conduct research in the world.

Q4 2017

Development of the platform architecture and website development.

Jan 2018

Working on Whitepaper and Preparing for the Pre-Sale and ICO

1. Feb 2018

Start Pre-Sale ICO 01.02 to 10.02

14. Feb 2018

Beta version of a testing application for diverse platforms

15. Feb 2018

Main-Sale ICO starts on 15th Feb with a token price of $0.10

15. Apr 2018

End of ICO – Bounty Tokens will be released

May 2018

Discussing with diverse external exchanges to list our valuable Token in them

Jun 2018

Working on future developments and trying to bring a functional version of platforms for our community

Q3 2018

Launching the marketing campaigns on different platforms like as Google, Social Media, and more …

Q4 2018

Development of Mobile applications to support IOS and Android

Q1 2019

The final functional version of Applications will be released and will be open to download for all people

Q2 2019

Future developments and bug fixing

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMAG Token?

SMAG Token is a utility Token, based on ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum Network, which will be used to payment proposes of Network Sharing Applications.

How can I invest in these Projects?

To invest in our project and support our team, you can participate in our pre-sale or main-sale ICO. For joining our sale, you should have a or Metamask, or any other full owned Ethereum Wallet, with some ETH in that.

Once you register yourself, and once our sale is open, you will receive a Contract Address which you have to send your desired amount of ETH to that address. Your Tokens will be generated and will be transferred to you automatically by the Smart Contract.

Is there any minimum investment?

To join to our Pre-Sale or Main-Sale you need to invest at least 0.10ETH which equals to $100.00 at the current Ethereum Price.

How will SMAG Token be used for applications?

The Tokens are the payment utility of the Decentralized Network Sharing platforms and applications. Everyone who wants to use our decentralized applications like P2P VPN or P2P VOIP system has to pay the community with these Tokens. Everyone who wants to earn money and be a part of our big network should set their pricing ( each Megabit Network, each Gigabyte Space, each Minutes VOIP, … ) based on SMAG Tokens.

Why should I buy SMAG Tokens early in Pre-Sale?

During Pre-Sale the price of SMAG Tokens starts from $0.01 up to $0.09, so the earlier you buy the Tokens, the cheaper is for you and for the same value of investments you have a more Token amount. Once we are listed on Exchange, the price of SMAG will be more than $1.00 ( we expect it to be at least $10.00 per Token ), so the cheaper you buy the Tokens, the more profit you will do during the trading.

If you invest $100 during Pre-Sale and get your tokens at $0.01 each, you will have 10.000 SMAGs, and when you want to sell them on the market (let’s say $1.00 each Token ) you will get $10.000 for your Tokens.

When will be my Tokens released?

As of our Smart Contract, which is Open Sourced and published to read, the Tokens will be generated during the Sale and will be released directly to the Payer Ethereum Wallet Address.

What happens if your Soft Cap is not reached?

If Soft Cap is not reached during the Token Sale, the funds will be automatically refunded to each participant.

How do you generate demand of SMAG Tokens on Exchange?

As we explained in the last sections, the SMAG Tokens are the primary Payment utility of our Applications, like VPN, VOIP, CDN, and Database Applications. The platform we are developing are decentralized and distributed, so everyone who has unused resources can join the community and act as a Provider, so typically the censoring and blocking of such network are impossible. This is making a high demand for using the applications and therefore a high demand for trading the Tokens in the public market.

What application are you planing to run?

We are trying to make the future life easier than before, by creating a decentralized and distributed global sharing network, with diverse applications and platforms. Some of these applications will be P2P VPN, VOIP, CDN, and Database Applications.

What is making your applications intresting to use?

Currently, there are thousands of VPN, VOIP, CDN, and Database Cloud providers, but what is making us different than others are the decentralized and distributed platforms we are building, which makes it harder than before for governments and content owners to identify and censor. We are living a free world and all people should be free and should be able to use a free internet and benefit from it.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Learn more about our Advisors

  • null

    Keith Waldrup

    Keith Waldrup is one of the experienced managers in IT solutions and is one of the first advisors who joined us for this great project.

    Background in complex consultative long sales cycle engagements working with client Senior Leadership to help transform IT organizations. Specializing in Large Deal Pursuits working with large Enterprises involving cross-departmental teams and highly complex contract negotiations.

  • null

    John Sacco

    John is one of the hardest working folks we have ever worked with. He has a take no prisoners, never say die attitude which results in him being very successful. He is a true asset to any organization he is a part of.

    He joined our group to give us advises regarding the market and the possibility of expansions in other regions. He also has a gift for identifying and cultivating business partnerships with vendors and integrators.

  • null

    Jeff Blackwell

    Professional with vast experience in underwriting and risk assessment across different lines of business and geographies. Experience in several companies across insurance/reinsurance in different countries.

    Significant activity in knowledge transfer in the industry through participation in pieces of training and regional conferences.

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